Six Flags Magic Mountain


Los Angeles
United States
34° 25' 31.188" N, 118° 35' 49.9884" W
General info: 

Six Flags delivers thrills for all but the most joyless and crowdphobic holidaymakers. The park offers rollercoasters and water rides for every level of screamer: while there are some gentle rides here, the park is most famous for the ones that'll push your heart into your mouth and your lunch on to the person sitting in front of you. It's a raucous place, both on the rides and off them: if you've got very young kids in tow, Disneyland and Universal Studios are both better bets.

Although a few of the rides at Magic Mountain come with Hollywood themes, such diversions are incidental to the excitement of the riding experience. Perhaps the most terrifying of all the park's rides is the Riddler's Revenge, the world's tallest, longest and fastest stand-up rollercoaster. However, it's got stiff competition.

Other highlights include the Colossus, billed as private://the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in the West;private:// the ludicrous Viper, which soars 188ft (56m) in the air; the floorless Scream! coaster, hugely popular since its 2003 opening; and X, revamped during 2008 in a bid to increase the terror levels further. Happily, there are a number of activities that are suitable for riders of a nervous disposition, among them the gentler-than-it-sounds Canyon Blaster and the Log Jammer flume ride.

Getting there: 

Take the 170 Freeway north to the Interstate 5 Freeway north (the 170 Freeway automatically ends at the I-5 north). Take Interstate 5 north to Magic Mountain Parkway and exit on Magic Mountain Parkway.


One day adult ticket: $ 47.99
One day children ticket: $ 42.99
Opening time: depends on the day or holiday but in general the park opens from 10.30 am till 6 pm.

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