Happy Valley Shanghai


31° 5' 40.8156" N, 121° 13' 2.424" E
General info: 

Happy Valley Shanghai is the newest and most western type of amusement park in Shanghai. The area is clean, services are good and the selection of rides is not bad either.

The Fireball is the first wooden coaster in China and one of our favorites, even with no sharp turns or corkscrews. Or perhaps that´s why. The coaster is over one kilometer long and overall just looks beautiful. If you’re looking for scarier rides, go to area called Shanghai Beach that features rides such as the Diving Coaster and the Gyro Swing. The log flume rides pass artificial canyons and caves and ends up in a huge splash after a 26 metres plunge.

Overall the park has more than 100 attractions and seven major areas with different themes. There´s also a lot of activities to keep the smaller kids amused.

Getting there: 

Closest metro station is Sheshan Station at line 9. From there you´ll have a free shuttle bus to the park.

Hours: 9am to 6pm daily.


Entrance fees:
200 RMB for adults
100 RMB for kids between 1.2 and 1.4 meters tall
Free for kids less than 1.2 meters tall

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