41° 22' 44.2524" N, 2° 11' 33.8316" E
General info: 

La Barceloneta is a district on the coast known for its sandy beaches. It used to be a part where fishermen spend their days, but since the second half of the 20th century, Barceloneta is best known for the beach which is one of Barcelona’s best-loved beaches. However, the area is not only about the sand and sun, the residential area is also worth visiting. Traditionally a working-class area, La Barceloneta gives you the real insight of the way of life of the majority of Barcelona’s citizens. Hundreds of tapas bars and cafes all across the district invite the tourists to feel the charm of Barceloneta and see Barcelona from another angle.

Getting there: 

The metro station Barceloneta serves the whole neighbourhood.


The prices in restaurants and bars are much lower than in other parts of Barcelona, while, at the same time, the service is on the same, or even higher level.

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Interesting places nearby

Baia Chia with its silky sand, up to 30 meter-high white dunes and crystalline, turquoise-hued water is reminiscent of an idyllic Caribbean beach.

One of the most renowned opera houses in the world. It first opened in 1778 and re-opened in 2004 after extensive renovation.

If you happen to be in Menorca when one of the traditional Summer Fiestas is taking place, don´t miss the great athmosphere of this slightly crazy fiesta.

Cala en Porter was one of Menorcas first beach resorts and its popularity has lasted until this day. This beach where also the town got its name is spacious one with tall cliffs on both sides creating a dramatic backdrop.

Cala en Bosc is a spacious beach a walking distance from the town center. The beach will be crowded but despite the everyday crowds, it is kept pretty clean.

Cala Fustam is a tiny beach away from the crowds. The setting is beautiful with the white sandy beach located at the end of a narrow cove.