Summer Fiestas

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General info: 

If you happen to be in Menorca when one of the traditional Summer Fiestas is taking place, don´t miss the great athmosphere of this slightly crazy fiesta.

The Fiastas take place during the summer in different villages on different dates. Each village has their own flavor to the fiesta but generally the pattern is the same. First the local traditional riders ride along the city streets to show the horses. The parade culminates when the horses arrive to an arena two horses at a time. The arena is filled with young brave that are trying to touch the horses heart while the riders show off their horsemanship skills on the famous Menorcan horses.

This hectic action looks pretty dangerous especially considering the blood alcohol level of the crowd from drinking the local favorite, pomada. One could also imagine the horses are a bit stressed as the music is loud too.

This link shows the dates and places of the fiestas:

Getting there: 

The fiestas are completely free.

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