Lummus Park Beach


United States
25° 46' 47.4024" N, 80° 7' 46.5564" W
General info: 

When you think about Miami, you’re probably thinking about the Lummus Park, as the area has been featured in hundred TV shows, commercials, and music videos. Palm trees, grass terrain and the sand show the park’s natural side, while bars and sport courts are breathing the urban spirit of the city.

The Lummus Park Beach is a perfect place for people-watching. You will find a flurry of activity and all of South Beach's stereotypes - Topless sunbathers, bikini-loving celebutantes and supermodels -- all of the above crashing here on the mocha-colored sand.

It is no wonder that it is top party destination in the whole Florida. And the fun is not exclusive for nights only, there is always something interesting happening in this area, 24/7. Hundreds of bars, discotheques and hotels are attracting people, not just from the USA, but from all over the world.

Getting there: 

Lummus park & beach are on the eastern side of Ocean Drive, from 5th to 15th Streets. Closest bus station is on the Washington Av.


The park is a public area and is free for everyone.

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