Zara Spa

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31° 43' 2.352" N, 35° 35' 9.8844" E
General info: 

Since ancient times travelers have been drawn to the Dead Sea to bathe in its mineral rich waters. Thus, the area has a good selection of spas to relax in. With one of the most advanced spa complexes in the Middle East, Zara Spa in Mövenpick hotel is considered one of the best ones.

Zara Spa is and has 6,000 square metres dedicated to pampering visitors senses, relaxing, revitalising and refreshing the mind. The spa area has extensive facilities, offering hydro-pools, whirlpools, pools with varying saline concentration, steam rooms, tropical scent showers, 31 treatment rooms, a VIP royal therapy suite and up to 70 à la carte treatments and massages.

Quality comes with price though, the entrance fee for non-hotel residents is 40JD and the treatments range between 100-250JD. Price includes towels by the pools, towel to dry yourself after the shower, pair of pool shoes, bath robe and bag for your bits and pieces. The Lounge offers different kinds of teas and fruits. Cuisine is served by the infinity pool in the Juice Bar.

Getting there: 

There is no public transport to Mövenpick Hotel so you need to take a taxi or rent a car. The distance from Amman downtown is about 55km.


The entrance fee for non-hotel residents is 40JD and 20JD for hotel residents. The treatments range between 100-250JD.

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