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United States
25° 46' 39.234" N, 80° 7' 45.1056" W
General info: 

Once in Florida, take the opportunity to try surfing. It´s a nice way of getting your adrenaline levels up and riding the waves near the South Florida beaches is an exciting and memorable adventure. But it´s even nicer when you are trained properly so we recommend taking a few surfing lessons before going solo.

There are several surf schools around but as an example we picked Florida Surf Lessons Company. The instructors are well-educated and have years of experiences in surfing, so they will take care of your safety. In addition, the surfing boards are of the highest quality, which lets you relax and enjoy learning the new skills. Have a good time learning!

Getting there: 

Some lessons are held at the beach near the Best Western Cocoa Beach Hotel. For additional info, visit the Florida surfing Lessons website


The lesson price depends on the program and the skill level. For the complete list of programs, visit the official web site of the Florida Surfing Lessons ->

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