The Mob Museum

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Las Vegas
United States
36° 10' 22.0656" N, 115° 8' 28.4712" W
General info: 

The early history of Las Vegas is closely connected with the mafia. The most of the biggest casinos form the mid-20th century were owned or organized by some top crime figures, such as Bugsy Siegel and Mayer Lensky. Remember that the Corleone family, from the ‘Godfather’ trilogy also had businesses here.

In 2012, in a former Las Vegas post office building, a rather controversial, but definitely a unique museum opened. The Mob Museum features items from all over the USA, which all had been connected with mafia in some way. For example, there is a part of the wall hit by bullets in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, the infamous Al Capone’s breakthrough.

Apart from the exhibitions of items from the past, the visitors can also experience a real-life mafia life – by shooting from a Tommy Gun, listen to actual wire taps, or sit in a replica of an electric chair.

Getting there: 

The address of the Mob Museum is 300 Stewart Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101, which is in the downtown Las Vegas, to the north-east from the Las Vegas Strip.


The admission to the Mob Museum starts from $19.95.

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