Moscow Kremlin


55° 45' 10.6884" N, 37° 37' 3.702" E
General info: 

The Kremlin is the oldest part of Moscow. It was built in the 12th century and since the city has grown around it. Nowadays the Kremlin stands in the very center of the Russian capital. For centuries, it has served as the focus of political life among Russians. It was the place from which Imperials Russia czars ruled till the 18th century and where Soviet leaders governed the USSR since 1918.

The Moscow Kremlin is actually a complex of buildings surrounded by a two kilometers long wall. The word Kremlin means fortress and there are dozens of Kremlins around Russia. Certainly the most famous one is the Moscow Kremlin. It owes its fame not only to the monumental design of churches and palaces that are part of it, but also to the history and the stories surrounding it. The Moscow Kremlin is basically a huge museum of Russian history. In one of the buildings in the Kremlin a precious collection of Faberge egg is kept, which is a must-see for every art-lover.

Getting there: 

The Moscow Kremlin is located between the Moskva river and the Red Square, it the city center. People from all over Moscow are commuting here every day using the metro. The closest subway stations are “Borovitskaya” & “Biblioteka imeni Lenina”.


Tickets to enter the Kremlin range between 50 rubles (for students) and 300 rubles (for adults).

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