Lenin's Tomb


55° 45' 13.3632" N, 37° 37' 11.4204" E
General info: 

In the middle of the Red Square rises a large pyramidal structure that serves as the resting place of Vladimir Lenin. It has been a part of Moscow life for more than 90 years. The wooded tomb was built only six days after the leader of the revolution passed away. The stone mausoleum was built in the thirties and stays still intact.

Inside the Lenin mausoleum is the embalmed body of the first Soviet leader. As he was an important part of the Russian nature, visiting his tomb is carefully observed by the security. As a matter of precaution, visitors need to leave their bags when entering the facility.

Getting there: 

It is hard to miss the Lenin Tomb if you are standing on the Red Square.


The entrance is free for everyone.

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