Hammamat Ma'in

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31° 36' 34.614" N, 35° 36' 36.8964" E
General info: 

Hammamat Ma'in is a series of natural hot springs and waterfalls located between Madaba and the Dead Sea in Jordan. There are about 60 thermal springs in this area, the most famous being the ones next to the Six Senses Spa. The springs have been here for ages and among others King Herod was a frequent visitor of these healing springs.

The waterfalls, those gush over a cliff beneath the resort, ranges in temperature from 40° to 60° C (104-140° F). There is a variety of pools right underneath the waterfalls and the water in these pools contains potassium, magnesium and calcium.

You can enter either the hot springs and waterfalls only or enjoy the full range of spa services in the Six Senses spa. If you enter the spa, there is also an interesting sauna inside a natural cave. There is a hot spring in the cave creating wonderful steam in the most natural way possible.

Getting there: 

There is no public transport to Hammamat Ma'in. Taxi from Madaba costs about 10JD one way, or 20JD there and back with at least an hour’s waiting time.


The entrance fee is 10JD and permits use of the Roman baths at the base of the waterfall closest to the entrance. A separate charge of 13JD is charged for use of the swimming pool. The entry fee includes a sandwich and a cold drink from the complex shop.

The entrance to the Six Senses spa is around 38JD and is waived if you book a 60 minute (or longer) treatment.

Opening hours: 8am-11pm

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