Bolshoi Theater


55° 45' 35.6544" N, 37° 37' 9.336" E
General info: 

Bolshoi Theater is considered the biggest rival of the Milan Scala for the title of the world’s best theatre. Their rivalry has lasted for more than a century, as Bolshoi Theater was built in the mid-19th century. If it wasn’t for this theater, experts agree, the Russian opera would be of much less quality. Throughout the years, many world-class artists performed in the Bolshoi Theater and that tradition is carrying on today.

An evening at the Bolshoi is still one of Moscow’s most romantic and entertaining options for a night on the town. The glittering six-tier auditorium has an electric atmosphere, evoking over 240 years of premier music and dance.

Getting there: 

Metro stations “Teatralnaya”, “Okhotnyi Ryad”, and “Ploshad Revolutsiiare” are near the Bolshoi Theater.


The cost of tickets depends on type of performance.

You can book the tickets here:

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