Most Beautiful Natural Pools - Part 2

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Vol 2 of most beautiful natural pools in the world. These incredible places and crystal clear waters are found in the Americas and Pacific. Again, nature is clearly dominating the pool scene over the man-made structures.

Great Blue Hole Belize Lighthouse Reef Atoll


Lighthouse Reef
17° 18' 55.0008" N, 87° 32' 3.9984" W

The Great Blue Hole is a giant submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. This site was made famous by Jacques Cousteau, who declared it one of the top ten scuba diving sites in the world. It lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll 70 km (43 mi) from the mainland and Belize City. The hole is circular in shape, over 300 m (984 ft) across and 108 m (354 ft) deep. It was formed during several episodes of quaternary glaciation when sea levels were much lower. As the ocean began to rise again, the cave was flooded.

Ik Kil

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Chichen Itza
20° 39' 41.562" N, 88° 32' 57.6276" W

Ik Kil is a beautiful round cenote in the Ik Kil Archeological Park near Chichen Itza. The cenote is about 60 metres (200 ft) in diameter and about 40 metres (130 ft) deep. The water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Vines are hanging from the opening all the way down to the water and small waterfalls are dropping alongside. A stairway carved into limestone leads you to the water that is around 35 meters deep.

The cenote can be crowded with swimmers so maybe better not to expect a private experience. Ik Kil was a stop on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in 2010 and 2011.

Havasu Falls

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Grand Canyon
United States
36° 15' 18.6696" N, 112° 41' 52.5372" W

The Havasu Falls plunge nearly 100 feet (27m) into a natural pool of blue-green waters in the Havasupai tribal lands in Grand Canyon. These are one of the most striking waterfalls in the Grand Canyon.

The minerals in the water form natural pools below the falls and creates perfect setting for swimming in the turquoise water. Next to the pools, there are plenty of cottonwood trees to relax by.

Due to the high mineral content of the water, the configuration of the falls and pools is ever-changing. The falls sometimes breaks into two separate chutes of water and the pools can be damaged or destroyed by large floods that wash through the area.

To Sua Ocean Trench

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14° 2' 37.8132" S, 171° 33' 44.3124" W

To Sua is translated as 'big hole' and indeed, that´s what it is. A beautiful sea water lagoon 30 meters below the ground level, surrounded with colorful gardens. A ladder is installed on site for visitors to access the swimming area.

Las Grietas

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Galapagos Islands
0° 45' 25.5708" S, 90° 18' 55.6668" W

Las Grietas is a big crack in the volcanic rock that has formed a deep canal between steep lava rock cliffs on either side. As you look down to the crack you see the clear emerald green sea water at the bottom, perfect for swimming or snorkeling in the cool rock filtered water.

Wooden steps lead down close to the water but as you´re going to the water, you may have to walk on some rough rocks. It is not a bad idea to take some waterproof shoes or sandals with you.


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Quintana Roo
20° 19' 1.9272" N, 87° 21' 28.1268" W

Xel-Ha is a beautiful natural aquarium in Cancun Mexico. The water in the cenotes, caves and lakes is mixed with spring waters resulting in the extreme clarity of the water.

You can dive and snorkel among the tropical fish and swim along the river discovering some of the 90 marine species that inhabit the creek. Even swimming with dolphins is possible here.

Deans Blue Hole


Long Island
23° 6' 23.0004" N, 75° 0' 30.9996" W

Dean's Blue Hole is the world's second deepest known salt water blue hole with an entrance below the sea level. It plunges 202 metres (663 ft) in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas.

Dudu Blue Lagoon


Dominican Republic
19° 33' 52.2" N, 69° 54' 27.1728" W

A secluded 100-feet-deep freshwater pool so pristine that it glimmers with a shade of cobalt blue. Might be paradise but in fact it is Dudu Blue Lagoon. The water is really blue and clear and with a soft sand bottom, the place is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The lagoon also features underwater caves, making it a popular scuba diving destination.