Las Grietas

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Galapagos Islands
0° 45' 25.5708" S, 90° 18' 55.6668" W
General info: 

Las Grietas is a big crack in the volcanic rock that has formed a deep canal between steep lava rock cliffs on either side. As you look down to the crack you see the clear emerald green sea water at the bottom, perfect for swimming or snorkeling in the cool rock filtered water.

Wooden steps lead down close to the water but as you´re going to the water, you may have to walk on some rough rocks. It is not a bad idea to take some waterproof shoes or sandals with you.

Getting there: 

You can take a guide to guide you to Las Grietas but it is easy to go by yourself as well. Just remember to watch your step when walking on the possibly sharp lava rock formations.
When leaving from Puerto Ayora, you need to take a water taxi from the main dock to the other side of the bay. From here, follow the signs to Finch Bay hotel and once you reach the hotel, continue along a rocky wall until you will find a path leading off to the right. Follow a trail that winds up crossing over a lava field, through a cactus forest, and up a sandy path again until you reach Las Grietas.


There is no entrance fee to Las Grietas.

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