Trsteno arboretum

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42° 42' 48.2796" N, 17° 58' 20.9856" E
General info: 

Trsteno arboretum is the oldest in this part of the world. The beginnings of the arboretum date back to the 15th century when it was erected by the local noble family Gozze. Since 1962 the arboretum has been a protected natural monument.

A large area of the arboretum was destroyed by the Yugoslav Army in 1991, during the war, while another significant area burnt during a forest fire in 2000. However, the pride of the area, the Oriental Planes are still standing, both of them being 500 years old. They are one of the biggest trees in Europe, reaching heights of almost 60 meters and having 5-meter thick trunks. Interestingly, also the aqueduct built in 15th century is still in use.

Getting there: 

Between May and October, the opening hours are 7AM - 7PM. From November to Aprlin you can visit the arboretum between 8AM and 4PM. Direct buses from Split are available.


Adults have to pay a 40 kn ticket fee, students, groups and pensioners get discounts.

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