60° 10' 9.8076" N, 24° 55' 51.8088" E
General info: 

A 14-theatre cinema complex owned by Finnkino. This is the biggest movie complex in Finland. Tennispalatsi was opened on 26 February 1999. The auditoriums vary in size from 92 to 703 seats. The biggest one has a screen of 184.8 square metres (1,989 sq ft) (8.8 × 21 m/29 × 69 ft). The auditoriums utilize Dolby Digital, DTS and SDDS technologies. All auditoriums also fulfill the THX standards, but after Finnkino quit paying the THX licensing fees in 2004, the THX logos haven't been used in Tennispalatsi or Finnkino's marketing, thus they cannot be considered THX certified anymore.

Tennispalatsi is one of the two big Finnkino movie theatre multiplexes in Helsinki, along with Kinopalatsi. According to Finnkino, it was the world's first movie theatre to utilize THX and SDDS in all auditoriums.
Tennispalatsi was built in 1938 in preparation for the 1940 Summer Olympics. The functionalist building, had four tennis courts before it was turned into cultural and recreational center.

Getting there: 

By foot.


Tickets on weekends: Adults 12€, Children under 11 years 8,5€. Other times are somewhat cheaper.

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