Tapas Bars


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General info: 

The Spanish cuisine became world-famous mostly because of the popularity of tapas. They can be served either cold or hot and some of the most popular ingredients include olives, cheese, tuna, pork meat, and similar. Traditionally in Spain, the last meal of the day is served late, which leaves a big gap between the lunch and the dinner. That is why many Spaniards love to go for a snack at some of the tapas bars. And thats why there are so many of them all around Barcelona. There is abundance of great tapas bars in Barcelona but Euskal Etxea is our pick for the combination of exceptional food, pleasant atmosphere in a historical setting and an attentive staff.

Getting there: 

The address of the tapas bar Euskal Etxea is Placeta de Montcada, 1-3. The best way to get there is to use the station Barcelona-Estacio de Franca.


Regular restaurant prices.

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