Pizza Roman style


41° 52' 51.186" N, 12° 28' 31.8792" E
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Napoli is known as the birthplace of Pizza but Rome does it pretty good as well. The Roman pizzas are just slightly different. Most pizzerias here make them with very thin, crispy bases compared to the thicker versions of Napoli. However you like it, we strongly suggest to taste some Roman pizza once in Rome.

There are good pizzerias all over Rome but to save your time we picked some that we know to be really good:

Da Remo - Piazza Santa Maria della Liberatrice 44; +39 06 574 6270. Closed Sundays; dinner only (This marker is placed here)
Li Rioni - Via dei SS Quattro 24, Closed Tuedays
Pizzeria Li Rioni - Via SS. Quattro 24
Gatta Mangiona - Via Ozanam 30-32 (Monteverde)
La Fornace - Via Angelo Emo

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