Peter and Paul Fortress


St. Petersburg
59° 57' 0.72" N, 30° 18' 59.04" E
General info: 

The Peter and Paul Fortress was made with one purpose – to protect the city of St. Petersburg. It is one of the first built structures in the area, by the order of the city’s namesake himself, Peter the Great. This fortress is basically the center of St. Petersburg, because the city grew around it trough the history.

The fortress’ main purpose was to protect the new Russian capital from the enemies during the war with Sweden. However, it was never used for this purpose, instead it was used as a prison. Many historical figures were held here, the last being the ministers of the Russian Empire during the October Revolution.

Nowadays, the Peter and Paul Fortress is amongst the biggest attractions in St. Petersburg and due to its architectural wealth it is protected by the UNESCO as the World’s Heritage site. The Peter and Paul cathedral with 120-meters tall bell-tower stands in the middle of the fortification complex. This place of worship is one of the tallest Orthodox churches in the world.

Getting there: 

From Gorkovskaya subway station walk 5 min towards river Neva river and you will find yourself near the bridge to the fortress.


The admission ticket costs 370 rubles.

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