Mercado San Miguel

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40° 24' 55.4328" N, 3° 42' 32.4108" W
General info: 

Mercado San Miguel is a great place for tasting some of the most delicious Spanish cuisine dishes. You can reach Market of San Miguel by walking few minutes from Plaza Mayor.

There are 33 vendors in the market and you can easily find one that will serve the dish that you want. Steel tables are installed inside so you can sit and enjoy your meal. Although the market can become crowded sometimes, you can still find room to stay and to have a taste of the fine foods served here.

You can easily blend in with the locals here and it is one of the few places in Madrid that does not make you feel like a tourist. Instead, you will feel like youre private://insideprivate:// the Spanish culture.

Getting there: 

Closest metro stop: Sol station.

The market is open between 10 AM and midnight during Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays allow you to spend time here until 2 AM.


The price for tapas ranges between EUR 1 and EUR 2 for a dish, but you could spend up to EUR 40 if you are a gourmand enjoying fine food.

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