El Gotico and El Born


41° 23' 5.046" N, 2° 10' 58.9224" E
General info: 

Barri Gòtic or El Gotico is the area in the old town of Barcelona. Dozens of buildings in this area are from the Medieval times and were built in the Gothic style. The design of the younger buildings doesn’t differ much, making the Gothic Quarter a unique place in Barcelona. Its labyrinthine streets connect La Rambla with the Mediterranean coast. El Born is a district in the old town, that separates the city with the Barceloneta beach. It has been the market center of Barcelona in the past and today is the home some of the most luxurious boutiques, not only in Barcelona, but in whole Europe.

Getting there: 

At La Rambla, the metro station Liceu connects the western parts of Barcelona with the old town. The Jaume I station is on the half way between El Gotico and El Born.


There are dozens of prestigious venues in the area and the prices there are higher than in other parts of the city.

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