Detian Falls

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22° 51' 20.808" N, 106° 43' 23.088" E
General info: 

The setting of Detian Falls showcases a classic Asian landscape of rocky outcrops towering over lush rice paddies, with the waterfalls cascading on the Guichun River. This is something that is pictured in numbers of Chinese paintings.

The waterfall is separated into different falls by rocks and trees with a total drop is 30 m (98 ft). It is located on the border of China and Vietnam but despite the proximity of the neighbour, crossing between the countries can be a hassle.

The waterfall is flowing fairly well, year-round but clearly the best season to see the full flow is late Summer through Autumn. During that time the thundering effect of the water hitting the cliffs can be heard from afar. In April the flow is at its lowest.

Getting there: 

The nearest city is Nanning and here you will find organized tours to Detian Falls. The ride will take 4-6 hours depending on the driver. You can do the trip in one day but it will be a long day. There are also some hotels right at the falls if you want to take more time.
If you don’t want to start from Nanning, a much closer option is a smaller town called Daxin.


The tour price from Nanning is around $50.

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