Cruise on Danube


47° 29' 39.7932" N, 19° 2' 55.4316" E
General info: 

Budapest is the city created by merging two separate cities on the opposite banks of the Danube River. To make the links between Buda and Pest strong, the city officials built the most impressive buildings near the river. The ‘Princess of Danube’, as the Budapest is often nicknamed, shows its history in the best light when from the water. Cruising down the river Danube offers the great experience in every European city, but the Budapest is special. In this city, the center is the river. From monumental buildings, such as the Hungarian Parliament Building, Citadella, the Chain Bridge, to modern buildings at Marina Part and the city beach on Margit island, everything important is located here. offers various cruising programs on the Danube River. The professional guide and boat staff will do everything in their power to make your Budapest Danube cruise experience unforgettable.

Getting there: 

Budapest Danube Cruise company headquarters are located near Vörösmarty tér metro station at Károly körút number 5.


Day time cruise: Adults: 4.500 HUF (approx. 18 EUR or 24 USD), Students: 3.500 HUF (approx. 14 EUR or 18 USD) Children, 10-14 years old: 2.250 HUF (approx. 9 EUR or 12 USD), Children, 0-10 years old: free; Evening cruise: Adults: 5.500 HUF (approx. 21 EUR or 28 USD), Students: 4.400 HUF (approx. 17 EUR or 23 USD), Children, 10-14 years old: 2.750 HUF (approx. 11 EUR or 14 USD), Children, 0-10 years old: free

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