Copacabana Beach


Rio de Janeiro
22° 58' 12.6084" S, 43° 10' 50.0196" W
General info: 

This world famous beach in Rio de Janeiro is 4km long with a flurry of activity always stretching along its length.
At Copacabana, each group stakes out their stretch of sand. Older residents and favela kids stay at Leme while soccer and soccer volleyball players hold court near Rua Santa Clara. The beach next to the Forte de Copacabana is the fishermen's community beach where you can also buy the fresh catch of the day in the morning. They gay community gather s in the area between the Copacabana Palace Hotel and Rua Fernando Mendes.
Even though the beach is lit, it might not be a good idea to walk there after dark. It is safer to stay on the hotel side of Av Atlântica.
According to Riotur, the Tourism Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro, there are 63 hotels and 10 hostels in Copacabana.

Getting there: 

More than 40 different bus routes serve Copacabana,[6] as do three subway Metro stations: Cantagalo, Siqueira Campos and Cardeal Arcoverde, with a fourth one (General Osório Station) in nearby Ipanema.


Free to all.

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Prainha Beach is a rather small isolated beach southewest from Rio. It is a surprisingly secluded tropical getaway still within the city's limits. Especially during the weekdays you can enjoy the calm athmosphere with no crowds.

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