Contra Dam


46° 11' 47.76" N, 8° 50' 53.556" E
General info: 

The spectacular opening of Goldeneye: James Bond jumps on a bungee cord along the wall of a giant dam. 7.5 seconds free fall, 220 altitude meters, parallel to the impressive dam. As he reaches the bottom he won’t bounce up but shoots an arrow to attach himself to the bottom to escape from the scene.

This was voted the best movie stunt of all time in 2002 Sky Movies poll. The location for this impressive scene is the Contra Dam in Ticino, Switzerland. The dam wall is 380 meter long and 220 meter high making it the world's highest stationary bungee station. Since the movie, this impressive structure has become a major tourist attraction where Bond fans are arriving from around the world. On the spot, there is a company arranging the bungee jumps so if you dare, its possible to do the exact same jump yourself!

Getting there: 

You can reach the Contra Dam from Gordola via a two kilometer long section of road. If you are planning to make the jump, it is a good idea to reserve in beforehand to make sure you have a slot.


The cost of the Bond bungee is around 200€.

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