City of Motovun

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45° 20' 8.772" N, 13° 49' 44.184" E
General info: 

Motovun is a medieval town that grew up on the site of an ancient city called Kastelijer. It is situated on a hill 270 metres (886 feet) above sea level with houses scattered all over the hill.

From 1278 the town was taken over by Venice and surrounded by solid walls which are still intact today, and used as a walkway with unique views over the four corners of Istria. It is a typical example of Venetian colonial architecture.

The town is also the birthplace of the legend of the gentle giant Veli Joze, who represents the Croatian population of Istria. Since 1999 the village has hosted the Motovun Film Festival, where European or US directors participate with their avant-garde or independent films. Since 2007, Motovun is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Getting there: 

Direct bus lines are available between Porec and Motovun. From Rijeka it is easiest reached by car.

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