Bellagio Fountains 

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Las Vegas
United States
36° 6' 46.656" N, 115° 10' 25.6512" W
General info: 

Set in the front of the prestigious Bellagio Hotel, the Bellagio Fountains are a true landmark of Las Vegas. The fountains are set in the middle of an artificial lake, visible from the main Las Vegas boulevard, the so-called Strip. Over 4,500 lights add special beauty to the water show that takes place every 30 minutes, every afternoon. The water shooters send blasts up to 140 meters high.

But the Bellagio Fountains are not only visual magnificence. Combined with music and the fountain choreography that suits it, these fountains are a real wonder of the modern era. Songs such as Elvis Presley’s ‘Viva Las Vegas’ or Céline Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ are regularly featured here.

Getting there: 

The Bellagio Fountains are located in the center of the Lake Bellagio which stands across the Paris Las Vegas, on the Las Vegas Boulevard. All of the biggest Las Vegas attractions are near – the Caesars Palace, the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower, etc.

The bus station ‘Paris’ is just across the Bellagio Fountains, while the closest monorail stop is a block away - Bally's & Paris Las Vegas.


While the Bellagio is a luxurious hotel and casino, intended for big money-spenders, the look at the Fountains is free for everyone.

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