AT&T Park


San Francisco
United States
37° 46' 42.9996" N, 122° 23' 21.0012" W
General info: 

The AT&T park in San Francisco is probably the finest ballpark in the Major League Baseball. If it's baseball season and you find yourself in San Francisco, you owe it to yourself to take in a game.

The stadium has over 41 000 seats 68 luxury suites and is usually packed inside and out. Considering the amount of people, the facilities are kept pretty clean. The prices of foods and drinks are not the cheapest you can find but the level of food seems to be slightly over the ballpark standard. Especially the garlic fries are great!

Hint #1: To avoid parking troubles its better to use public transportation or arrive early with your car.
Hint #2: If you wait for few innings, you can get a half price ticket from one of the many scalpers standing around the park.

Getting there: 

Muni: 2nd and King Station


Ticket prices range from as low as $13 to $147 depending on the seat.

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